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What We Stand For

Pro-Life Values

Voted twice to support and successfully offered amendment language to “Value Them Both” which is still in the amendment. Senator Pyle has ownership in the “Value Them Both” amendment.

See National Right to Life’s article on Dennis’ amendment:

Pro-2nd Amendment Rights

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Dennis has an A rating with the NRA.

Dennis sponsored the legislation that became law, protecting your God-given rights.
HCR 5025 | Bills and Resolutions | Kansas State Legislature (
fa_2020_hcr5025_s_3315 (

Dennis offered an amendment that would have allowed a person who is on active duty with any
branch of the armed forces of the United States and at least 18 years of age, the ability to carry a concealed firearm.
Senate Journal: 06/01/2017, Pages 814-816
daily_journal_senate_20170601164151.pdf (

Fiscal Conservative

Graves, Sebelius, and Brownback tax hikes, Pyle has consistently stood against tax increases.

Pyle on taxing social security benefits:
February 6, 2019 – An amendment offered by Sen. Dennis Pyle, R-Hiawatha, to exempt Social Security benefits paid to Kansans from the state income tax was rejected. It would result in an $87 million annual reduction in state tax revenue, he said.

“We’ve had some talk on the floor about corporation migration,” Pyle said. “What about retirees leaving this state because we tax Social Security benefits? Retirees are leaving and they’re taking their income to another state.”

Pyle’s testimony on retirement benefits:
March 12, 2019 – 20190312_01.pdf (

Pyle on retirement benefits:
February 9, 2021 – Among other things, the Senate added an amendment that would exempt Social Security benefits at a cost of $93 million and another one that would allow retirement benefits to be subtracted from income taxes at a cost of $125 million in just the first year alone.

Both amendments were introduced by Republican Sen. Dennis Pyle of Hiawatha.
UPDATED: Kansas Senate passes $1 billion tax bill over three years | Sunflower State Journal

In 2008, Dennis introduced the Safe Senior legislation, Senate Bill 617.
The Senate Journal for its introduction was page 1283 and may be found here:
Supp Note on HB 2529 (

In 2012, Dennis offered an amendment that was adopted and later enacted increasing the standard deduction. That amendment is reflected on page 1821 of the Senate Journal, which may be found here:

Government Overreach

Pyle supports health freedom.
See his amendment to end vaccine mandates:
HB 2001 | Bills and Resolutions | Kansas State Legislature (
See actual language of amendment:
fa_2021_hb2001_s_9139 (

Dennis sponsored the amendment to restrict statewide mask mandates.
See the amendment at the link below, pages 353 and 354 of the senate journal:
daily_journal_senate_20210316205500.pdf (

Government Transparency

“Your work to successfully provide transparency on the issue of taxpayer funded lobbying deserves national recognition.” – Peggy Venable, Americans for Prosperity

As chairman of the local government committee, Senator Dennis Pyle gave the public a chance to have their voice heard on open records and transparency in the effort to end the abusive practice of having our tax dollars used against us to promote government overspending.


Knowing so many hard working Kansans are struggling to pay for their medical
bills, Dennis Pyle offered an amendment keep your tax dollars from paying the medical bills for
people that have entered our country illegally.
Bills and Resolutions | Kansas State Legislature (

Senate Journal: 03/27/2017, Page 354

Election Security/Integrity

Dennis singlehandedly championed the Kansas election audit.

Please note: Dennis submitting the election audit request begins at 1:53:00