Fairness in Women’s Sports Act

September 1, 2022, Hiawatha – The 2022 legislative session debate on “The Fairness in Women’s Sports Act” was intense to say the least. It passed both chambers but was ultimately vetoed by Governor Laura Kelly. Yesterday Attorney General and candidate for Governor Derek Schmidt said he wants the legislation on his desk within 100 days of being sworn into office.

Senator Pyle commented on Schmidt’s action, “Schmidt is side-stepping the issue again. 100 days is far too long, I want it as soon as possible. Schmidt knows most sessions are less than 100 days. As a senator, I voted for The Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, the legislation which would have prohibited biological males from competing in girls’ sports. Derek Schmidt is coming late to the dance on this issue and dragging his feet. Was it his plan all along to use the issue for his election bid? Is this just another publicity stunt by liberal Schmidt to appeal to conservatives? If Schmidt were conservative, he would have been helping to whip the votes to override Kelly’s veto. Schmidt’s lack of action on the Act and the veto were deafening. Schmidt is very good at the do-si-do.”

Pyle is the Independent candidate for Governor, having recently changed his party affiliation from Republican. He is a farmer from Hiawatha.