Pyle The Unitor

Now that the primary is over, the elitist Republican leadership need to stop whining about me being a spoiler, put on their big boy pants and come to terms with the huge mistake they made yesterday. They have just nominated one of the most liberal politicians in the whole state. I served in the Senate with Laura Kelly and Derek Schmidt and there was no daylight between their voting records.

These name-calling republican leaders are saying I’m going to divide the vote, but they’ve got it backwards. Derek Schmidt and Laura Kelly are going to divide the liberal vote right down the middle. The conservative majority will all coalesce around the only conservative – Dennis Pyle. They already are, many of them carried petitions and many others have signed. They don’t like Derek Schmidt or Laura Kelly. I’m not a divider – I’m the uniter. The establishment Republican Schmidt is the divider. 

Obviously, there’s nothing they can do to rectify their mistake. It’s too late. They’re stuck with the liberal Derek Schmidt and his left-wing voting record that they misrepresent to Kansas Republicans.  If they’d acknowledge their mistake and back the only true conservative looking out for Kansan’s best interests, they could redeem themselves. Time will tell if they have it in them to do the right thing.


Dennis Pyle

Independent Candidate for Governor