Pyle Petition Under Attack from Left

August 4, 2022, Hiawatha – Pyle for Kansas said today that the left-wing Republican Party leaders are spreading more of their false agenda in order to promote their liberal agenda. Now they are propagating lies about the purpose of the petition, which is to get Dennis Pyle elected Governor.

Pyle stated, “The elitist Republicans are coming to terms with the fact that they made a huge mistake Tuesday. They have just nominated one of the most liberal politicians in the whole state. I served with Laura Kelly and Derek Schmidt and there was no daylight between their voting records. This attack on the petition for Pyle is an attack to stop me from uniting conservatives.”

Here is the text from their attack:

Pyle further added, “These name-calling republican leaders are spreading misinformation.  Obviously, there is nothing they can do to rectify their mistake. It’s too late. They’re stuck with liberal Derek Schmidt and his left-wing voting record that they misrepresent to Kansas Republicans. The conservative majority will all coalesce around the only conservative – Dennis Pyle. They know I will win and rather than welcome the competition they have chosen to take the evil path to eliminate the conservative competition.”