Pyle Petition Concerns Real

August 18, 2022, Hiawatha – State Senator Dennis Pyle says his concerns of delay on his petition to file for governor are accurate and real. Pyle received an email from the Secretary of State which clearly presents the delay in certification of his petition. Reports Pyle has received suggest that some counties have just received the petition for the validation process as of this week.

Pyle said, “We are witnessing the type of behavior you would expect from the left-leaning Liz Cheney-Derek Schmidt Republicans carrying out their plan to keep me off the ballot. These FBI-like activists are employing the same Mar-a-Lago like tactics used -to keep Trump out of the presidential race- to prevent my petition and stop my campaign. I believe it is their goal to keep kicking the can down the road.”

The email from Clay Barker states clearly the Secretary of State has no intention of validating the Pyle petition until early September, if then. It is also clear they are not acting expeditiously to fulfill the people’s petition to put Pyle on the ballot. Pyle volunteers gathered 8,894 signatures from 85 different counties; 5,000 is the requirement for certification. Orman’s petition in 2018 took only 11 days to certify.

Stating the obvious, Pyle added, “They are making excuses. Clearly the Secretary of State is acting in liberal, loyal party fashion to delay, if not prevent, the certification. It appears they are running a quasi-organized operation on behalf of those who object to a real, freedom loving Christian, Dennis Pyle, candidacy. It isn’t that difficult to check the list, this isn’t rocket science, after all they did it in only 10 days in 2018. We are witnessing big brother exercising bully style tactics.”