Pyle Petition Certified

August 25, 2022, Hiawatha – The Dennis Pyle campaign for Governor has just been informed by the Kansas Secretary of State’s office that they have certified the required 5,000 signatures which enables them to put Dennis Pyle and Kathleen Garrison on the November 8th ballot for the office of Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

I want to use this opportunity to again thank all of my campaign volunteers and family members whose herculean effort and enthusiastic dedication to our petition drive made this day possible. I also want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for giving us this amazing honor and opportunity to serve our fellow Kansans and be a blessing to Him.

The effort already expended to get on the ballot will pale in comparison to the task that lies in front of us. We now must launch our campaign to inform our neighbors about the stark differences between our conservative beliefs and the radically liberal public policy views of our two opponents, Kelly and Schmidt. They are two peas in a pod. As State Senators, liberal Democrat Kelly and liberal Republican Schmidt worked together to push Kathleen Sebelius’s agenda through the legislature. Kelly and Schmidt voted together on virtually every liberal policy, very often against a republican majority. If either of them wins this election, Kansans are stuck with four more years of regulatory overreach and continued high taxes.

As a State Senator, I have been fighting Governor Kelly’s over-the-top mandates to protect your healthcare freedom. As your Governor, I will continue to work to protect our God given and constitutional rights.

I fully understand that parents want the freedom to locally control their children’s education without being told by the government schools to shut up and accept the establishment’s global mandates coming down from Washington.

Kansas pro-life voters are dumbfounded and confused by the recent VTB amendment loss and want strong and tested real pro-life leadership to show them the way forward.

As the legislator who single-handedly secured the election audit, I know Kansas voters are, with good reason, genuinely worried about the integrity and security of Kansas elections. They crave a leader who will get to the bottom of this problem and fix it. Hopefully it won’t take baling wire.

Kathleen and I are the conservative opposites of Kelly and Schmidt. If Kansas voters embrace our message of limited government and greater freedom and favor us with a victory on November 8th, we will begin to immediately reverse the overreaching government policies we have all suffered under for the last four years.

May God bless our beautiful state and shower His favor on all of its citizens.

Respectfully, Senator Dennis Pyle and Kathleen Garrison